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The Pitchoun party

Levens, French Riviera

Sunday January 11, 2004



         Members of the Pan Chapter Europe, from the French Riviera, where very happy to join the “The Harley du Coeur” in order to create a day of the handicap with children ... 

        The goal being to make 10 children meet  with 100 children having various handicaps, like, deaf persons, blind or with very poor sight, physical or mental handicap, down syndrome, diabetic, HIV positive, patients of  hospitals Larchet and Lenval, and the children of the D.D.A.S.S, which is for the “Harley du Coeur” the handicapped children of the Life...

        This world, made of small people, enjoyed the show made by children, for children, managed by the very popular clown, “Bidouille”, with the participation of many bikers, the parents of Levens’ children, the College of the “Park Imperial” of Nice, and the Town hall of Levens.