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14th European HOG Rally

Port Grimaud, St Tropez, France

9 – 12 June 2005



A medieval village next to the seaside, with a modern lake dwelling village at its feet; this is how one could sum up "Grimaud". Sometimes this proximity brings people to confuse the medieval with the seaside village.


The village of Grimaud has a long history, beginning with the Gallo-Roman age. It is situated on a high hill peak, dominating the Gulf of Saint Tropez.


Port-Grimaud is one of the most frequented places of France with its quays of a total length of 12 km lined with gardens and “fishermen’s houses” where boats can be moored. It looks like Venice, in Italy.


Overlooking the bay bearing its name, the town of Saint-Tropez stands at the end of the wild Peninsula. Its history is exceptionally rich in high feats of arms and historical events, but it is well known as well as a "party town".


During the rally (estimated at 28 000 bikes in the area), we saw old friends and we have celebrated our 4 years anniversary, directly on the beach, with a wonderful sunshine. Some of us will not see each another until the next European HOG Rally, in Ireland, but we will be there… even with the rain!




























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