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Col de Turini, France

29 - 30 September 2007



         Members of the Pan Chapter Europe, from the French Riviera, where very happy to join Aladin at the "col du Turini". It is a wonderful place which includes the National Park of the Mercantour, a ski resort and the Monte Carlo Rally.



 Hiking in the National Park of the Mercantour


The National Park of the Mercantour, is located 1 hour from Nice. This superb mountain chain , with some peaks reaching 3.000 meters and many lakes, offers a complete change of scenery. The Authion Massif is an area full of historical sites, linking with the Second World War with ruins of fortifications and army barracks at the door of the National Mercantour Park. The Authion's fortifications have been planned by the General Séré de Rivières (1815-1895 ).

And all the buildings were refurnished during the 30's under Magino supervisions. These constructions were part of the south Alps Magino strategic line. Now the place had became a capital starting point for today's hikers.

Authion's fortification

Especially because of the access to the Vallée des Merveilles through the famous hiking path (GR 52) passing by Saint Veran, the summit and the pass of Raus, the Cime du Diable, to finally reach splendid scenery over the lakes. There the view is amazing with lakes and rocks, some rupestral engravings will be appreciated by the hikers at the bottom of the Mont Bego.



The engravings date from around 1800 years BC, during the Bronze Age. They have been engraved on flat rocks polished by the glaciers. There is the biggest testimony of prehistorical arts known in France. The Vésubie Valley also offers a large choice of hiking tracks all marked out, accessible all year round for all hikers. To find out more about hiking in the area get the guide Randoxygéne : Rando Moyen Pays published byConseil général des Alpes Maritimes. Free of charge from the Tourist Board, or visit our links at the bottom of this page.



 Ski resort

Skiing track

At 12 km from the "Col du Turini", the winter ski resort, Turini-Camp d'Argent, which is located at 1700 meters above sea level,  offers a choice of all kinds of snow activities like, snowshoe or skiing-hiking, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, sledge. With 3 T-bar tows including 1 for beginners and 2 for experienced, this skiing resort is aimed at families and is very popular with the skiing classes from the Bévéra and Vésubie Valley.



The Monte Carlo Rally


The Monte Carlo Rally has been run 73 times. During this period it has won the respect of all drivers, both old and new. The Turini is a mythical stage incorporating all of the characteristics that have made this event one of the most difficult rallies, but at the same time probably the most exciting and splendid.

Culminating at an altitude of 1607m, the Col de Turini has been the arena where the best drivers in rally history have demonstrated their skills for the assembled fans. Difficult and dangerous, this stage has caught out many drivers. Larousse, Thérier, Waldegård, Delecour, McRae, Grönholm or Solberg are just some of the many drivers that have had trouble over the Turini stage. But it is also there that these rally legends made their names, and it is this paradox that gives the stage its mystique.

Also legendary for its "Night of Turini", this stage attracts thousands of fans each year and provides a fitting showcase for the spectacular and dangerous sport of rallying.

To this day, this stage created for itself a great history and has an aura without equal, becoming a legend you can live here fully.


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Pan Chapter Europe members in front of Aladin's hotel