Pan Chapter Europe


                             Welcome to PAN CHAPTER EUROPE





        The PAN Chapter first started in May 2001 at the European H.O.G. Rally on the beach in St Tropez, with the purpose of promoting friendship among European H.O.G. Members.


        As most of you have experienced, belonging to H.O.G. has made a lot of life long friends. These friends however, tend to belong to either the same Chapter or from the same Country.


        The PAN Chapter promotes friendship between members of different European H.O.G. Chapters.


        PAN is not an everyday Chapter.  At the moment PAN Chapter members meet at various European rallies, and get together for good times, parties and riding our motorbikes. It is also a network of friends, who can assist each other, with accommodation, routes and interesting rides while touring in each other's country.


        The PAN Chapter is administrated in the UK. It purposely does not have a Director or a Committee, as it is our intention to remain outside any political traps, which can manifest at local Chapter level.


        Acceptance into the chapter is by invitation only sponsored by an existing member. The sponsoring member will remain responsible for you and your actions, conduct and remarks, as PAN Chapter intends to remain a friendship Chapter. Membership is free.


        Chapter rules are kept to a minimum, as PAN members just want to have fun and enjoy our motorcycles.


        The Pan Chapter is not officially affiliated to H.O.G. at the moment but wish to state that we are a H.O.G. friendly Chapter, and support H.O.G. in its entirety.

        Pan Chapter has applied to H.O.G. Europe for official recognition and we hope that H.O.G. Europe will accept the PAN Chapter and what we are trying to achieve, which is, promoting H.O.G. and its goals.


        Our Chapter Website is the main way in which members are able to communicate with each other.  It also carries our newsletter, photos, events and eventually you will be able to swap bike parts ectÖ


        Thatís all for now.


        Have fun and ride safe,



        PAN Chapter Europe